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Tourism Industry

Expertise and consultancy
- Elaboration of a novel hospitality concept, including implementation and management arrangements with a particular focus on the project integration into local culture, nature and geography
- Driving regional tourism opportunities through hotel placement and design
- Create interior design and architectural frameworks aiming at experience-driven hospitality
- Prioritization of operational standardization: develop practical guidelines and manuals to ensure adherence to the established international standards
- Setting up the appropriate corporate governance and management, optimization of organizational structures
- Designing, implementing and monitoring health and safety standards - particularly in the context of elevated pandemic challenges
- Developing farm- to-table culinary best experiences and relevant logistic practices
- Create a unique culinary philosophy
- Event planning, operational management, and consultancy for producing adaptable and innovative events/conferences for national and international clients
- Integrating co-working and office spaces into hospitality establishments
- Embedding cultural and artistic hubs into hospitality spaces
- Providing value-oriented, strategic marketing solutions, sustainable destination branding, and international communications campaigns management
- Integrating the UN’s sustainable development goals into hospitality establishments, management structures, and operations.