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Conducting countrywide Feasibility studies
-Identify cultural specificities’ in agricultural sector
-General overview and problem statement
-Proposition of Possible Solutions based on international best practices and local needs
Defining necessary governmental services and social specificities
-Evaluation of existing governmental services
-Defining gap – needs analysis
-Proposing solutions (Structural as well as IT )
Defining communication plan on national as well as international level
- Organizing international business forums
- Identifying investment opportunities (business angels and hedge funds)
- PR and Media communication (Global is optional)
- Monitoring and evaluation of deliverables
- Monitoring countries obligations (SDG goals if applicable)
Modeling Methods of Resource Management
-forming project team of professionals based on needs
-development of manuals and guidelines
Recommended General Policy Portfolio for legislative amendments and initiatives
Land market development
Claimant smart agriculture
Bio diversity
Environmental protection